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About us

Established in 1996 in Athens, Greece, Metrostar Management Corp. is one of the world's premier ship management companies. During the years of its operations, Metrostar’s outstanding performance and its unblemished safety and environmental record have contributed to our group’s stellar reputation.

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Demonstrating flexibility, versatility and quality throughout its operations, Metrostar Management Corp. provides its customers with a first-class marine transportation service tailored to their particular requirements.

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Metrostar Management Corp. is deeply committed to ensuring safety and security at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and the avoidance of damage to the environment, the cargo and the vessel.

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Our Fleet

Through selective vessel acquisitions and efficient fleet management, Metrostar Management Corp. ensures a strong international presence in the ever-demanding shipping industry.

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Port Canaveral Welcomes ProStar a New 115,000 Ton Aframax Tanker Carrying 442,131 Barrels of Jet Fuel

Port Canaveral cargo operations reached another highpoint recently with the arrival of the Aframax tanker ProStar at North Cargo Berth 2 for its first delivery in North America to discharge 442,131 barrels of jet fuel at Seaport Canaveral...

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